Jigsaws To Educate, Expand the Mind & Make a Great Gift

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The Benefits of Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are one of the rare games that really can be appreciated by all ages. Often seen as informative, they can also keep the mind sharp & can be adopted as fun gifts.

People of all ages enjoy arranging jigsaw puzzles. Babies will often be given a fundamental wooden jigsaw as an initial toy, and many people get back to puzzling in later life as a distraction. This isn’t just about having enjoyment. Doing a jigsaw comes with various mental and physical advantages, and they can also make great presents with a bit of thought.

The Educational Benefits of Jigsaws for Kids

It’s no coincidence that the shelves in toy shops always seem to hold many jigsaws for all ages. Most kids will enjoy puzzles during their youth. They are simply fun. But, there is also a variety of benefits that come with this sort of toy. They can help children develop and promote specific key abilities that will help them as they proceed through school and later life. These include:

Puzzles can help improve a child’s logic and problem-solving skills. Even the most manageable jigsaw will challenge them to think about what they do as they put the puzzle together.

Puzzles can also help a child to improve their fine motor skills when they are growing. Having to pick up unique pieces and slot them into position without tearing up the bits they have already finished can be a difficult task to learn. But, it can strengthen some skills that are vital to their development.

Setting a puzzle together will also manage the child’s hand-eye coordination and their knowledge of shapes and colours.

The topics on puzzles can be used as instructional aids. An alphabet or number puzzle will be fun for the child to complete but is also a good excuse for parents to talk to them about letters and numbers and reinforce learning.

Solving a puzzle can do miracles for a child’s self-esteem. As puzzles become more challenging, they also learn valuable life skills such as seeing things into completion and trying different problem-solving strategies.

One of the most important benefits for children here is that puzzles are fun. Many children resist studying at home if they know it is happening. Enjoying a puzzle, however, can mask the fact they are having an educational experience.

The Benefits of Jigsaws for Adults

Although many grown-ups get out of the habit of jigsaws as they grow older, jigsaws continue as a popular pastime for many people. They are also a popular hobby for people who have newly retired and who are looking for something fun now they have more time on their hands. Many also think that there are some practical benefits to doing jigsaws, especially as people age. These include:

Doing jigsaws keeps the mind active. As relaxing and fun as puzzles are, they also include the use of particular areas of the brain and mental abilities. Many people a bonus of puzzling is that it helps keep their minds alert.

Jigsaws are used positively from a physical perspective as people get older. Many find, doing a jigsaw regularly, is a useful way of improving manual dexterity.

Both adults and children enjoy doing puzzles independently, but it can also be a social activity. A group of adults tackling complex 500 piece jigsaw puzzles can have a lot of fun!

Ideas for Giving Jigsaw Puzzles as Gifts

Jigsaws make a perfect gift, both for children and for adults. Of course, you can simply purchase them in a shop or online, ready to go in a box. Personalised jigsaws are an option that can also make a great gift mean something. For example, parents could take a photo of their children and have it made into a jigsaw as a gift for grandparents. A photo or image of practically anything can be personalised here.

The Growth of Online Jigsaw Puzzles

In recent times there has been an uptick in the amount of websites offering online jigsaws. These can be played on a specialist site or as part of a games site. Again, there are choices available for all ages.

Exposing the top Health and Beauty Products – Read our Impartial Reviews

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Aging is a physical process that no human can avoid, but this does not mean that one should sit idle and simply watch their health and appearance deteriorate. In fact, there is a lot one can do to slow down the aging process and ensure that his or her health stays in pristine condition throughout the years. Living a relaxed, healthy lifestyle is an excellent starting point, but unfortunately this can sometimes be difficult due to today’s ever pressing economic circumstances. Thankfully though, there are a lot of products which can to help in the maintenance of your health and beauty.

Categories of Health and Beauty Products

These products can be of various compositions and forms. A lot of them are made mostly of artificial substances, while others are based primarily or even exclusively on naturally occurring substances. They may come in the form of oral pills, powder, creams, lotions, or kits to help remedy specific disorders, and so on. And in terms of their function, they may be able to provide overall health improvements or focus on a particular aspect. Colon Cleanse products, for instance, primarily focus on the maintenance of your digestive system, but this can have a positive effect to the overall condition of your body. On the other hand, a skincare cream would obviously have a far more targeted function, which would be focused in the removal of fine lines and wrinkles from your face and on the overall improvement of facial skin condition. In BeautyandHealthGuide.Co.UK we also review Weight Loss Supplements, Teeth whitening kits,  and many other Beauty Products.

While it would be unfair to suggest that these products with an entirely artificial composition cannot bring substantial benefits to a person, it would equally be fair to imagine that natural products can be a lot better, if not necessarily in terms of overall results, then at least in terms of having far less side effects. For this reason, it is recommended that, after you determine the type of product you are looking for (for example, an anti-wrinkle product) and find a few such offerings on the market, you proceed with checking their ingredients. And if you find two products that are capable of delivering the same results and one of the two happens to be fully natural, it is strongly recommended that you choose this one.

Can I get a Free Trial for my favorite product?

The industry has also realized the benefits of natural products and has also begun to shift its focus towards them. In fact, natural products are now easy to find and are currently enjoying a fair market share, in stark contrast to previous years. This is the case not only in physical stores, but also in online marketplaces. Speaking of which, it is also particularly helpful to note that a lot of natural health and beauty products are available online for free trials. This can make the process of selecting a proper product much easier, as you will not risk spending your money on something that may not actually work for you.

Some of these free trials will be shipped to you for free, while others may require that you pay a miniscule amount of money for shipping and handling charges. In some cases, there might be some extra terms in the transaction, so it is recommended that you carefully read the terms of the deal before submitting your free trial order.

Perfect Radiance, Nutrascience, Pro cleanse and Meta Burn are all brilliant examples of natural health and beauty products which are available for free trial over the internet. Ordering a free trial of these, or in fact of any other product, is very easy and usually only requires that you enter your shipping details and then click on a big “order” button. Soon, the products will be at your doorstep and you can yourself experience the exceptional benefits that their natural ingredients can bring.

Exercises for Hip Pain

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Sometimes when we are in pain, we make the mistake of thinking that performing any sort of exercise will make the pain worse. In many cases, this is not true, and gentle exercise can greatly relieve common aches such as backache, pain in the shoulders and neck, and also hip pain. If you suffer from acute hip pain and you do not know the reason, of course, you should see a doctor or physio immediately, but if your pain is mild and you are aware of what causes it, doing the following exercises for hip pain are likely to be very beneficial.

Hip Rotation Stretching Exercise

The hip rotation stretching exercise is very similar to how children use a hula-hoop. If you used one of these toys as a youngster, you will know the basic movements and hip rotation stretching exercises have many benefits as the flexibility of your hips will also determine the health of other joints such as the knees, ankles, and lower back. 

Rotation exercises not only make the hips more flexible, but they also help to strengthen the legs, buttocks, pelvis, and stomach muscles.

Hip Rotation Exercise instructions

Rita Gander from Familyfisio.com offered us this very effective exercise. Place a soft fabric on the floor. You can use a thick towel, a folded blanket, or an exercise mat if you have one. Kneel on it with your knees around 40 cm apart. Put your hands on your hips and sink your torso around 12 cm towards the floor without arching your lower back; your back should be kept relaxed at all times during this exercise.

Move your hips in a circular motion as far to the right as you can. Bear in mind that you should only be moving your hips and not your entire body. Then tilt your pelvis area up and slowly rotate your hips by moving your buttocks out and backward; and then over to the left as far as possible, all the while keeping your back straight without arching it. Complete the circle to the right, so you have made a full hip rotation.

Pause for a few moments, then do the same rotation from the left in a backward direction on the right. Each time you do a rotation, you should also do an opposite rotation, so if you rotate clockwise, be sure to another full rotation in an anticlockwise direction.

Once you become adept at doing hip rotation stretching exercises, you could invest in a hula hoop, and try to relearn the skills you had when you were a youngster. Depending on your age, it may take quite some time for you to learn how to hula hoop properly without the hoop continuously falling to the floor, and if you’re very elderly or infirm you may not manage this. However, there is no reason that people with a regular level of fitness will not be able to maintain the hoop on the hips for several minutes at a time once they have practiced enough. Hoola hooping has many benefits, as well as keeping your hips very flexible, it will help tone your stomach muscles and maintain a strong core.

Anti-Aging – A few good tips that are effective and make you look younger

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We’re aware that it’s not quite possible for us to stop the natural aging, but we may certainly get it delayed. Sun-damaged skin is quite common with most of us, and it’s quite natural for us to look forward to smooth and healthy skin. A wide variety of vitamin extracts and natural ingredients that may reverse the process of aging have been discovered by plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and scientists through years of extensive research. Various anti-aging products of skin-care which are being developed by physicians not constitute the same ingredients.

•    Vitamin A (Retinol) – Expert skin care beautician Sheridan from www.beautyskinclinic.co.uk suggests the use of Topical Vitamin A. Alongside its excessive superficial exfoliating property; it helps in developing collagen fibers in your skin.
•    Vitamin C – Ascorbic acid or Vitamin C helps in healing your wounds by stabilizing collagen, and so it’s considered vital as an antioxidant.
•    Vitamin E – One important antioxidant is Vitamin E which reflects anti-inflammatory effects on your skin. Vitamin E offers photo protection quite modestly, smoothens, softens and hydrates when applied tropically.
•    Copper Peptides – For rejuvenation of your skin, the latest scientific advances yield Copper Peptides. Copper has properties that naturally reduces wrinkles and fine lines, improves elasticity and firms your skin.

Tips to take care of your mind and body:

1.    Consume a balanced and healthy diet; choose a few things from all the major food groups on a daily basis and include them in your diet. Consume plenty of fiber, vegetables and fruits.
2.    Make sure you lead a quiet and stress free life. The age-old problem of “flight” or “fight” could have been resolved with the use of chemicals that your body releases when it gets stressed. Exercise and sleep well on a daily basis.
3.    You’re bound to feel and look a lot younger through regular exercise, and by drinking thrice a week at least. If your exercise regimen has to be changed drastically, don’t forget to consult your doctor.

How Your Mattress Can Make You Fat

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There has been a tremendous amount of research pointing to the link between obesity and lack of sleep. Of course, the relationship is not all that direct – you do not wake up from a poor night’s sleep and rush to the refrigerator for food. However, once we begin to understand the indirect relationship, it starts to make a great deal of sense, and we can see how our choice in a mattress (or our inability to replace an old, poor-support mattress) contributes to our inability to keep our weight under control.

But first, it is worth noting that adequate sleep (about 8 hours for an adult, but more for children) produces the “right” amount of a hormone called Leptin. This is an appetite-stimulating hormone that increases our appetite when we are sleep deprived (less than 6.5 hours per night). Again, we may not realize it when we wake up after being sleep deprived, but here is the reality.

According to sleep experts and regular people alike, lack of sleep contributes to grumpiness, irritability, inability to focus, and often even secondary body pain and aches. When we find ourselves in such “moods,” we often turn to comfort foods, both as a way to make it through the day (an “energy kick”) as well as a way to feel better, at least in the short-term. These impromptu, high calorie “feel-good” snacks or meals push our calorie intake way up high, but because of a lack of sleep (and therefore reduced physical energy), we are unable to burn those calories in due course.

The end result is weight gain.

Follow that with another poor night’s sleep, and another, and another, followed by several days of unhealthy eating as a way to “make it through the day,” and it becomes obvious how a lack of sleep contributes to obesity.

So why does good, quality sleep evade us? After several nights of poor sleep, it would seem that one would crash and make up for those lost hours of sleep in a single night. This is often true, but a mattress that does not support your pressure points properly will cause you to toss and turn. This results in interrupted sleep, depriving the sleeper of the essential sleep stages that accomplish the most replenishing tasks – late-stage sleep, like REM sleep, has been cited as instrumental in helping sleepers wake up refreshed and energized.

Pressure points are those sensitive areas that, lacking appropriate support, will cause a sleeper to “adjust” the sleeping position to get through the night. Therefore, buying a mattress that achieves pressure point relief is important. Unfortunately, this type of support is most often found only in higher-end, luxury mattresses. (Don’t be mistaken, not all high-end luxury mattresses provide the support you need; just read some of the Mattress Time reviews to see for yourself).

What we can conclude is that a poorly supportive mattress does result in a lack of sleep, something that much of the research fails to identify (more often, work-related stress is cited as the cause of poor sleep, even in participants who claim to experience little stress with their work or studies). And naturally, a lack of sleep will contribute to a self-perpetuation cycle of improper nutrition and lack of physical exercise.

The bottom line is to start with the obvious causes for why you are not sleeping well – is it stress, is it a potential sleep disorder and, finally, is it just that I need to replace my mattress? The verdict might not only surprise you but relieve you as well.



How to Decorate Your Master Bedroom in Shabby Chic Cottage Style

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Shabby chic decor is a synonym of softness and femininity. Old world cottage shabby chic style gains more popularity in interior décor for many women these days because of its unique charm and chicness. Many women, and indeed some men, love the vintage and rustic feel it brings to any room.

Cottage-style shabby chic decor encourages a sense of peacefulness and relaxation, so it is perfect for a master bedroom. Here are some ways to get the look.

Things You will Need:

  • Baskets
  • Craft Paints
  • Curtain Rods
  • Fabrics
  • Flowers
  • Home Furnishings and Accessories
  • House Paints

Step 1:

Choose a traditional-look bed like those sold at HF4you: old maple in spool/spindle style, wicker, iron, brass, or a white-painted four-poster.

Step 2:

Dress the bed in a light, homey fabric – eyelet, cotton chenille, pillow-ticking, or awning stripes – or a pieced quilt. Continue the theme with pillow shams and dust ruffles.

Step 3:

Look for non-matching bedside tables in wicker or with simple turned legs.

Step 4:

Top tables with traditional lamps that reflect humble origins: simple ceramic, terra cotta, milk glass and wicker, or choose candlestick lamps. Use fabric shades in solids or in patterns such as small floral motifs or checks.

Step 5:

Do not worry about matching the bed to the chest of drawers to the tables; you can tie diverse styles together by painting them the same colour. White is a good finish choice. The more natural and organic materials you use the better, as they create a beautifully realized shabby chic decor aesthetic. Go for wood pieces with a natural or roughish stain; and remember vintage and antique pieces are important for extra depth.

Step 6:

Dress the windows simply with tab top curtains, flounced priscillas or Cape Cod curtains; 2-inch wood blinds work well, too. Choose a treatment that allows sunlight to flood the room.

Step 7:

Deck the walls and floors with old-fashioned, casual favourites: floral or striped paper or pastel paint for the walls; soft cotton chenille, striped rag rugs and braided rugs underfoot.

Step 8:

Decorate your tabletops with folk-art animals, dried flowers or casual cut-flower arrangements or ceramic figurines. Carry out the theme with potted-plant cachepots, baskets, or old-fashioned dishes that can serve as catchalls for pocket change and keys.

Step 9:

Add (if your room’s large enough) an antique-style oak chair, topped with a ruffled cushion.

Tips & Warnings

Keep the look light, airy, and casual. The pieces should be a blend of the types of furnishings that proliferate at secondhand stores: serviceable but not fine. These are the pieces you would use to furnish a sun-filled vacation home.

Shabby chic can look old, but it can also be expensive! If you buy bespoke shabby chic furniture made by an individual, you can expect to pay considerably more than you would par for regular furniture, due to the many hours creating such a piece of furniture entails.

Because shabby chic décor involves many small and sometimes intricate items, it can be time consuming to keep clean.


How CBD Has Become A Top Ingredient For Beauty Products

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Marijuana is a natural source of benefits for the body that, in addition to having numerous therapeutic effects, can also help us take care of the most visible part of our body. Creams, soaps, lotions, or body oils: beauty products that include some of the components of cannabis, such as cannabinoids, are very effective in improving our skin. Here we tell you everything you need to know about our favorite plant to always be radiant.

Marijuana is a top solution for those who want to feel good both inside and out. One of the latest brands to bet on marijuana in its line of creams has been One Cannabis World, but more and more aesthetic companies are opting to incorporate some of the chemical compounds of cannabis in their formulas to increase well-being and fight against aging. To compare some of the latest products, see http://www.comparebestcbd.com.

Of the more than 400 components of the plant, cannabidiol (CBD) is the most used and the most effective for moisturizing the skin, reducing the appearance of pimples, and reducing the bags under the eyes. In addition, this potent active ingredient is a huge natural antioxidant, acts as an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent, and contains beneficial vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Marijuana varieties with a high percentage of THC, which is the compound of the plant that stimulates laughter or feelings of euphoria, well-being, and drunkenness, were and are in high demand. However, continuous studies on cannabidiol have shown that CBD not only manages to counteract the side effects of THC (such as dry mouth or anxiety) but also has very important medicinal properties that make it very attractive as well.

The CBD interacts with the network of receptors that are part of our body’s endocannabinoid system, which plays a fundamental role in the management of a wide variety of processes such as memory, appetite, mood, or pain. Thus, these compounds applied in the form of lotions, gels, and oils have a whole range of therapeutic effects and can contribute to the improvement of dermatitis, dryness, or atopic skin.

Take Care Of Skin And Combat Aging

The skin is the largest organ of the human being and also one of the most delicate. Exposure to the sun, sudden changes in temperature, poor diet, and the passage of time can negatively affect their condition and cause them to suffer dryness and appear spots, expression marks, or annoying granites. For these reasons, it requires perseverance, careful attention, and much care. And what better way to do it than through products with natural components?

Now, if something characterizes CBD is that it does not dissolve in water; That is why it is such a good idea to include this compound in the list of ingredients of fatty products such as creams or ointments that, when applied to the skin, facilitate its absorption. One of these marijuana-based products is Apothecanna Extra Strength Relieving Body Crème menthol cream, designed for a stiff back.

On the other hand, marijuana oil, made from flowers (the parts of the plant with the highest concentration in cannabinoids), is a success when the goal is to treat dry, cracked, and flaky skin. Oily products are also recommended to act on irritated skin and other very common conditions such as eczema.

What Is RTT by Marisa Peer?

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RTT is a type of hypnosis developed by Marissa Peer, made for modern life. It is a deep and powerful therapy but at the same time fast and practical.

During a session with a Marisa Peer trained RTT therapist, of approximately two hours, you will heal and create an internal transformation and you will take away a personalized audio to listen for 21 days to create the new neural patterns and establish the change. Depending on the person and the issue, one session with a therapist is usually enough, though certain topics require more than a single session.

Some of the most common issues are: self-esteem, economic blockages, weight problems, phobias, anxiety, depression, health problems, problems finding a partner, improving physical performance, among others.

The mind has certain universal rules that if you understand them you can use them in your favour.

1. The mind is made to make you survive, therefore the mind moves you away from what it associates with pain and brings you closer to what it associates with pleasure.

 2. You respond to the images you make in your mind and the words you say.

 3. The mind likes what is familiar and does not like what is unfamiliar.

 Through this RTT hypnotherapy technique you will find the root of what is holding you back: associations and beliefs, to free and heal them, and generate new associations, beliefs and internal spaces that act in your favor.

Eyebrow Tattoo: Micropigmentation vs. Microblading, Which Technique is Better?

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If you are tired of seeing your sparse or shapeless eyebrows, you can count on one of these two brow tattoo techniques, microblading or micro pigmentation, to give your face a new attractive look, and symmetry like no other.

The importance of the eyebrows on a woman’s face is infinite, as a good design can greatly change your expression and beauty.

For those who barely have any hairs in the brow area, either because they have suffered disease, or because they do not grow strongly, to those who have scars that need covering, we now have new semi-permanent makeup techniques that exceed all expectations.

Modern Methods

The modern alternative to the classic pencil drawing to change the shape and design of the eyebrows is the tattoo, but do not panic, there are many possibilities that will surely satisfy your needs in this area. Although brow tattooing is known as “permanent eyebrow makeup” it is not forever, like a normal tattoo, in fact the design will lose colour and will need renewing.

So where can you go to get perfect eyebrows? This work is not done in tattoo studios, you must go to specialized quality aesthetic salons like this London based eyebrow tattoo clinic that offer you a guarantee, and above all, well-sterilised areas.

Micropigmentation vs. microblading

Micropigmentation: Among the most advanced eyebrow makeup we find this beauty technique by which you can achieve perfect and natural eyebrows without having to wear the same shape for the rest of your life. It is a temporary tattoo that can last from 1 to 4 years, which varies depending on your type of skin. In this case, the pigments are introduced between the dermis and the epidermis, for a semi-permanent effect.

In addition, it offers you two possibilities, restoring eyebrow hair by hair or applying shading, which can be very useful for those women who do have hair but want to give it a little more density.

Microblading: This technique is very similar to micro pigmentation, but unlike micro pigmentation,, this semi-permanent makeup is done hair by hair, but in a more precise way. In addition, the pigment is injected, by means of a special pencil, not by electrical appliances, into the most superficial layers of the skin. Hence this treatment lasts less time, between a year or two, although, like everything else, at first you will see the colors darker and little by little you will see it fading.

The needles used are three times thinner than those of micro pigmentation, so the results are much more realistic. This type of work has a faster healing than a normal tattoo and also gives a much more natural appearance, such as a 3D eyebrow, that is why if we must choose, we advise you opt for microblading.

There are numerous celebrities now using semi-permanent makeup, including Bella Thorne who has had no qualms about telling, on her social network accounts, how delighted she is with this technique. Another celebrity who has been seduced by these works is the top model Naomi Campbell. And you, do you dare to give your eyebrows a new powerful image?

Beauty Tips for The Older Woman

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Almost all of us agree that the age of the most magnificent splendor, beauty, and serenity of women is that of maturity, also known as the senior, third, or golden age.
This is when a woman knows herself and knows what she really wants. Her personality is fully developed and differs from when she was a younger woman. It is when she has achieved her space in life after having fought in thousands of battles (children, work, relationships, etc.) now its time to focus on herself. Several studies determined that women do not find their sexual peak until 40 to 45 years of age. And 9 out of 10 women over 50 feel no older than when they were 35.

Tips for maintaining beauty into old age

The beauty of the elderly is not linked to the greater use of cosmetics but to day-to-day habits that will help women look their best well into old age.

1. The Skin
We recommend the use of a moisturizer every day for optimal skin care, and always keep the skin clean. Use sunscreen creams to prevent skin aging further.

2. The Diet
In the elderly, a healthy diet must be followed. According to Marian Wolfe, a cook for the elderly at www.lovathouse.co.uk an excellent diet for the elderly is one that covers all the macronutrients, such as the one provided by the Mediterranean diet, which is rich in fruits, vegetables and good fats. Being overweight when elderly decreases life expectancy, so caloric intake shouldn’t be overly high. It is essential to exercise: walking, swimming and gentle aerobics are great exercises as you get older. It is also imperative to relax; stress is the main cause of brain aging and negatively affects the beauty of everyone – whether old or young.

3. Face care
The perfect makeup for women over 60 should be discreet and far from bold. It is advisable to use a night cream and an all-day anti-wrinkle cream to keep the skin smooth and hydrated.

4. Hair care
In the elderly, the hair is weakened especially if it has been punished for many decades with by dyes, perms and extensions. In this case, it is preferable to use specific treatments for damaged hair, such as shampoos with amino acids. If you have completely white hair, use special purple hair shampoos for gray hair, which diminish yellowish-white tones that gray hair often acquires.

If there are problems with hair loss, we recommend going to a specialist to facilitate proper treatment, as hair loss in the elderly can be due to multiple factors such as hormone problems, anxiety, lack of vitamins, sluggish liver problems, etc.

5. Dressing
The important thing is that over the years we will find our personality in the way we dress. We have to be comfortable with how we dress and feel attractive. It is a meaningful way we reflect our character. It is best to wear clothes according to our age – few women over 60 can pull off a mini skirt successfully, but if that makes you feel good, by all means, go for it!

It is vital that older women feel beautiful to increase self-esteem and feel happy.