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Beauty Tips for The Older Woman

Almost all of us agree that the age of the most magnificent splendor, beauty, and serenity of women is that of maturity, also known as the senior, third, or golden age.
This is when a woman knows herself and knows what she really wants. Her personality is fully developed and differs from when she was a younger woman. It is when she has achieved her space in life after having fought in thousands of battles (children, work, relationships, etc.) now its time to focus on herself. Several studies determined that women do not find their sexual peak until 40 to 45 years of age. And 9 out of 10 women over 50 feel no older than when they were 35.

Tips for maintaining beauty into old age

The beauty of the elderly is not linked to the greater use of cosmetics but to day-to-day habits that will help women look their best well into old age.

1. The Skin
We recommend the use of a moisturizer every day for optimal skin care, and always keep the skin clean. Use sunscreen creams to prevent skin aging further.

2. The Diet
In the elderly, a healthy diet must be followed. According to Marian Wolfe, a cook for the elderly at www.lovathouse.co.uk an excellent diet for the elderly is one that covers all the macronutrients, such as the one provided by the Mediterranean diet, which is rich in fruits, vegetables and good fats. Being overweight when elderly decreases life expectancy, so caloric intake shouldn’t be overly high. It is essential to exercise: walking, swimming and gentle aerobics are great exercises as you get older. It is also imperative to relax; stress is the main cause of brain aging and negatively affects the beauty of everyone – whether old or young.

3. Face care
The perfect makeup for women over 60 should be discreet and far from bold. It is advisable to use a night cream and an all-day anti-wrinkle cream to keep the skin smooth and hydrated.

4. Hair care
In the elderly, the hair is weakened especially if it has been punished for many decades with by dyes, perms and extensions. In this case, it is preferable to use specific treatments for damaged hair, such as shampoos with amino acids. If you have completely white hair, use special purple hair shampoos for gray hair, which diminish yellowish-white tones that gray hair often acquires.

If there are problems with hair loss, we recommend going to a specialist to facilitate proper treatment, as hair loss in the elderly can be due to multiple factors such as hormone problems, anxiety, lack of vitamins, sluggish liver problems, etc.

5. Dressing
The important thing is that over the years we will find our personality in the way we dress. We have to be comfortable with how we dress and feel attractive. It is a meaningful way we reflect our character. It is best to wear clothes according to our age – few women over 60 can pull off a mini skirt successfully, but if that makes you feel good, by all means, go for it!

It is vital that older women feel beautiful to increase self-esteem and feel happy.