Jigsaws To Educate, Expand the Mind & Make a Great Gift

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The Benefits of Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are one of the rare games that really can be appreciated by all ages. Often seen as informative, they can also keep the mind sharp & can be adopted as fun gifts.

People of all ages enjoy arranging jigsaw puzzles. Babies will often be given a fundamental wooden jigsaw as an initial toy, and many people get back to puzzling in later life as a distraction. This isn’t just about having enjoyment. Doing a jigsaw comes with various mental and physical advantages, and they can also make great presents with a bit of thought.

The Educational Benefits of Jigsaws for Kids

It’s no coincidence that the shelves in toy shops always seem to hold many jigsaws for all ages. Most kids will enjoy puzzles during their youth. They are simply fun. But, there is also a variety of benefits that come with this sort of toy. They can help children develop and promote specific key abilities that will help them as they proceed through school and later life. These include:

Puzzles can help improve a child’s logic and problem-solving skills. Even the most manageable jigsaw will challenge them to think about what they do as they put the puzzle together.

Puzzles can also help a child to improve their fine motor skills when they are growing. Having to pick up unique pieces and slot them into position without tearing up the bits they have already finished can be a difficult task to learn. But, it can strengthen some skills that are vital to their development.

Setting a puzzle together will also manage the child’s hand-eye coordination and their knowledge of shapes and colours.

The topics on puzzles can be used as instructional aids. An alphabet or number puzzle will be fun for the child to complete but is also a good excuse for parents to talk to them about letters and numbers and reinforce learning.

Solving a puzzle can do miracles for a child’s self-esteem. As puzzles become more challenging, they also learn valuable life skills such as seeing things into completion and trying different problem-solving strategies.

One of the most important benefits for children here is that puzzles are fun. Many children resist studying at home if they know it is happening. Enjoying a puzzle, however, can mask the fact they are having an educational experience.

The Benefits of Jigsaws for Adults

Although many grown-ups get out of the habit of jigsaws as they grow older, jigsaws continue as a popular pastime for many people. They are also a popular hobby for people who have newly retired and who are looking for something fun now they have more time on their hands. Many also think that there are some practical benefits to doing jigsaws, especially as people age. These include:

Doing jigsaws keeps the mind active. As relaxing and fun as puzzles are, they also include the use of particular areas of the brain and mental abilities. Many people a bonus of puzzling is that it helps keep their minds alert.

Jigsaws are used positively from a physical perspective as people get older. Many find, doing a jigsaw regularly, is a useful way of improving manual dexterity.

Both adults and children enjoy doing puzzles independently, but it can also be a social activity. A group of adults tackling complex 500 piece jigsaw puzzles can have a lot of fun!

Ideas for Giving Jigsaw Puzzles as Gifts

Jigsaws make a perfect gift, both for children and for adults. Of course, you can simply purchase them in a shop or online, ready to go in a box. Personalised jigsaws are an option that can also make a great gift mean something. For example, parents could take a photo of their children and have it made into a jigsaw as a gift for grandparents. A photo or image of practically anything can be personalised here.

The Growth of Online Jigsaw Puzzles

In recent times there has been an uptick in the amount of websites offering online jigsaws. These can be played on a specialist site or as part of a games site. Again, there are choices available for all ages.