How Your Mattress Can Make You Fat

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There has been a tremendous amount of research pointing to the link between obesity and lack of sleep. Of course, the relationship is not all that direct – you do not wake up from a poor night’s sleep and rush to the refrigerator for food. However, once we begin to understand the indirect relationship, it starts to make a great deal of sense, and we can see how our choice in a mattress (or our inability to replace an old, poor-support mattress) contributes to our inability to keep our weight under control.

But first, it is worth noting that adequate sleep (about 8 hours for an adult, but more for children) produces the “right” amount of a hormone called Leptin. This is an appetite-stimulating hormone that increases our appetite when we are sleep deprived (less than 6.5 hours per night). Again, we may not realize it when we wake up after being sleep deprived, but here is the reality.

According to sleep experts and regular people alike, lack of sleep contributes to grumpiness, irritability, inability to focus, and often even secondary body pain and aches. When we find ourselves in such “moods,” we often turn to comfort foods, both as a way to make it through the day (an “energy kick”) as well as a way to feel better, at least in the short-term. These impromptu, high calorie “feel-good” snacks or meals push our calorie intake way up high, but because of a lack of sleep (and therefore reduced physical energy), we are unable to burn those calories in due course.

The end result is weight gain.

Follow that with another poor night’s sleep, and another, and another, followed by several days of unhealthy eating as a way to “make it through the day,” and it becomes obvious how a lack of sleep contributes to obesity.

So why does good, quality sleep evade us? After several nights of poor sleep, it would seem that one would crash and make up for those lost hours of sleep in a single night. This is often true, but a mattress that does not support your pressure points properly will cause you to toss and turn. This results in interrupted sleep, depriving the sleeper of the essential sleep stages that accomplish the most replenishing tasks – late-stage sleep, like REM sleep, has been cited as instrumental in helping sleepers wake up refreshed and energized.

Pressure points are those sensitive areas that, lacking appropriate support, will cause a sleeper to “adjust” the sleeping position to get through the night. Therefore, buying a mattress that achieves pressure point relief is important. Unfortunately, this type of support is most often found only in higher-end, luxury mattresses. (Don’t be mistaken, not all high-end luxury mattresses provide the support you need; just read some of the Mattress Time reviews to see for yourself).

What we can conclude is that a poorly supportive mattress does result in a lack of sleep, something that much of the research fails to identify (more often, work-related stress is cited as the cause of poor sleep, even in participants who claim to experience little stress with their work or studies). And naturally, a lack of sleep will contribute to a self-perpetuation cycle of improper nutrition and lack of physical exercise.

The bottom line is to start with the obvious causes for why you are not sleeping well – is it stress, is it a potential sleep disorder and, finally, is it just that I need to replace my mattress? The verdict might not only surprise you but relieve you as well.



Pro Cleanse Review

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In this article will we make clear why Pro Cleanse can help you in a healthy diet. A lot of people all the time do complain of indigestion and also boating and they do not find the correct care for it. This means that one has to deal with the condition and that they have at the moment and most of the people use warm water and this is a short term solution and the problem will occur again. There are quite a number of ways that one will use and this will enable one to reduce the weight gain that one is experiencing at the moment.

Health issues

The weight gain that one gets from taking too much foods settles on the colon system and it makes one to add on weight and most of the people usually try out a number of ways that will enable them to cut out on the weight but it will not give one the perfect results. He detoxification process tends to be quite hectic and there are quite a number of different ways that one will use and this will make one to invest in a large sum of money.

Getting the correct detox means a combination of different types of remedies and there are those that are very costly and will need a bit of investment. There are those that will make one to go to the toilet all the time and this can be really unconformable for the people who have a lot of different schedules. Other require one to have lots of water intake and also one to do lots of exercises.

Pro Cleanse Review

There are a lot of natural ways that will make one to have the perfect detoxification and within a short while, the body will be back to normal. There are a number of detoxification procedures that one will follow when they are at home and they will not have to invest a lot of cash in them. The Pro cleanse has been seen as one of the ways that one will get into shape easily and the colon system will be washed well within a short period of time. It has been acclaimed as one of the best types of detox that will enable one to get rid of all the toxins and also wash the colon system well and make the digestion back to normal.

When one wants to achieve the best health, they need to have the perfect digestive system and also the food passes well and give the body the nutrients that it really needs. When all this is  not go according to plan, one will suffer all the disease that are as a result of the ingestion. Food that stays in the digestive track for a long time will make one to be bloated and will also make one to increase the weight. Most of the people do not know what to do and they adopt a lot of different methods and this will enable them to cleanse the colon system.

Pro Cleanse Benefits

Pro Cleanse as the name suggest has been completely designed to assist the ones who want to get rid of the excess foods that are in the system . It is very effective and has been proved to work by a lot of people. This makes one to reduce the bloating that they feel and this makes one to reduce on the weight. The burden will be reduced and one will feel the food pass down the colon system and also one will have the chance to eat the food and it will be channeled to the correct areas. Pro Cleanse has been well used by people from all over the world and the results are very outstanding and also very appealing.

HCG Slender Review

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Our HCG Slender Review is based on how the HCG Slender works its performance and how can apply the product to help deal with weight problems. Its Here are some of the features on how HCG Slender works to achieve these in a short time as a fortnight. It also gives the body the necessary nutrients supplements to boost the immune levels in the body.

HCG Slender and body metabolism

Body processes are controlled by hormones. This hormone controls the rate of metabolism by responding to energy needs.  Medical conditions at times might trigger metabolism to produce excess energy, this energy is then converted into fats and stored in the body resulting in weight problems. Consumption of sugary food also leads to the same end. HCG Slender’s  main ingredient is a HCG hormone that is found in pregnant women. This hormone utilizes fats as its energy main source of energy. With this hormone in one’s body, one is assured of continuous burn of body fats. HCG Slender Review   further shows that the product is made specifically to work with feminine hormones in order to avoid conflicting reactions in the body. Breaking away from traditional weight lose products, HCG Slender Review shows that HCG Slender attacks fats selectively concentrating on excessive fats in the body. It is the excessive fats that are harmful in the body, not body fats in general. Traditional at lose programs continually burns fat and hence one can continue to lose fats to critical levels.

HCG Slender Review on immune system

: One’s body immune system is meant to protect the body against pathogens. Immune cells are built by special composition of nutrients. This nutrients needs to be supplied to the body immune system continually. HCG Slender Review  explains how this weight loss program supplies these nutrients to the body immune system. Those who have low immune system can benefits from HCG Slender. HCG Slender also has colon cleansing abilities. Our colon is known to have parasites which are notorious n causing chronically classified medical conditions. Apart from this, their population in the colon drains the body of this important nutrients and hence low immune system. With this fat loss program, one flushes these parasites off the colon. Most of the toxins in the body can also be eliminate from the body by this means.


Weight problems continue affecting many people in the modern’s times. Gain in weight might cause a lot of harm to one. Excess body fats are the main cause of obesity. Excess fats in the body might result to high blood pressure. Commercial companies and nutritionist have come up with many weight loss programs that promise fat loss in a very short time. This however might not be the case since most of them are not effective or have no comprehensive weight loss plans. HCG Slender has helped many to loose weight considerably. This is because its composition works with the body system to enable it effectively help one to loose body fats. Since its working is synchronized with the feminine hormones. It has less side effects. The fat burning process continuous and end when the excess fats are eliminated in the body. Several HCG Slender Reviews advise one to have a work out program so as to maintain the body defece system. This is one of the most effective fast weigh loss programs. One can find HCG Slender online.

African Mango Review

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Why African Mango is so great? There are many reasons for this.. Consider that there are a lot of people who are looking for a number of different ways that one needs to adopt to drop down the weight and a lot of people will try out a number of different options and select the one that will suit them the best. A lot of people go into crush diets and within a short period of time, they are back to the eating methods. A lot of people are also stressed with the shape of their bodies and will try out a lot of supplements that are very expensive and they do not give them the desired results. There are also a lot of people who will decide to do lots of exercise and will not succeed since they are not following the correct procedure.

Weight loss is a very sensitive issue and a lot of people are really struggling and are looking for all sorts of ways to cut down on the weight. Others have gone to the extent of having surgical producers and this has even resulted to death in some cases. The nutritionists advice people who want to cut down on weight to eat all the food groups since the body requires all the nutrients. This does not go well with a lot of people and will prefer to use the fruits and the vitamins and cut off any fat and carbohydrates intake. A lot of people also skip meals and substitute it with water and this is not a good method since the body needs food to function properly.

African Mango Diet

There are a lot of diet supplements in the market and one really needs to be on the lookout and select the ones that are well reputable and will give one the desired results. The African mango diet supplements are among the most reputable in the market and it has proved that african mango can give one the desired results. It has been grown in the best natural environments and the good thing is that it is a natural way to lose weight. Mangoes contain vitamin C which is very important in the body and assist the body in fighting a lot of diseases.

African Mango Benefits

African Mango has been well extracted and gives one the desired results that they are looking for. It helps to fight the cholesterol level. The African mango pills are made out of natural ingredients and this gives one the benefit that they are using safe products. It is a powerful energy booster and enable one to get the chance to do lots of exercises. It is also very energizing and a lot of people usually take it before they do the exercises. When they hit the gym, they will continue to do a lot of exercise and this will help in burning the fat. This is one of the ways that one will lose weight and they will start to see the results within a short period of time. One needs t be consistent and make sure they do the exercise and take in lots of water.

Besides giving energy, African mango is a known appetite suppressor and it will make one not to feel hungry and this will prevent one from snacking all the time. It also improves the immune system and also detoxifies the body hence cleaning the colon system . mangoes have also been known to fight the cancer cells and this is one of the best way to erase any form of stress.

African mango has been used for a long time and the reviews on it are positive and most of the people using it testify to results within a short period of time.

HCG Platinum Review

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People, who are struggling day and night to get rid of their excess body weight, will know how challenging it is to fight relentlessly with hungers and craving. Though there are different types of weight loss supplements available in the market that promise to offer quick weight loss results but in reality, most of them in due course fail to live up to their promises. Many of them require users to carry out strict calorie counting for an extended period of time while others result in harmful side effects. Now, it is quite difficult for most individuals to completely change their lifestyle in order to continue a particular weight loss program for a very long time. Then again, there are many people, who lack the will power to follow a strict diet plan continuously. The outcome is that most people fail to lose their extra pounds effectively and this leads to further accumulation of body fat and acute depression.

What is HCG Platinum

However, now there is good news for all individuals, who have long been struggling to lose excess body weight but in the end have not been successful in doing so. A new weight loss product called HCG Platinum has been launched in the market, which has already proven to offer effective weight loss result to many individuals. Within a short span of time, this particular product has gained immense popularity all across the nation for promoting quick and safe weight loss. This homeopathic drop is extremely effective in boosting energy levels in the body and also helps to sleep better.

The most significant feature of HCG Platinum is that it includes scientifically proven components and it manufactured inside facilities approved by FDA. Researches have found the product to be absolutely safe for human use since it does not result in any kind of detrimental side effects.

HCG Platinum Benefits

HCG Platinum is one of the most successful weight loss program designed to offer productive and speedy loss of excess calorie for individuals with weight concerns. Formulated to perform a thorough restoration of the body metabolic process, this diet is one of the most efficient diet plans available lately. Presenting an extensive solution for weight loss, this particular HCG diet program has helped individuals to effectively shed surplus body weight while making it extremely easy for them to sustain their weight even when they discontinue the diet plan. The HCG or the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone, which is found in the body of the females during pregnancy, is among the key ingredients of this diet plan.

Most of the diet plans available in the market requires people maintaining an extremely strict diet in addition to following a rigorous fitness routine, in order to get rid of the excess calories present within the body. However, such diet plans usually have a discouraging and negative impact on individuals. They in due course lead to excessive physical weakness in addition to hunger pangs. In contrast HCG Platinum is the ultimate solution to safe and quick calorie loss, as it does not cause any hunger cravings or physical weakness unlike other weight loss supplements.

HCG Platinum is available in form of droplets. It involves a low fat diet plan, which requires an individual restricting their calorie intake to 500 calorie per day. Designed to be a balanced diet program, this HCG diet helps to restore the thyroid hormone, which in turn aids in accelerating the body’s metabolic process at a tremendous speed. This results in boosting the body’s ability to lose fat at a speedy rate. The increase in the speed of the metabolic process helps to effectively convert the excess body fat into useful energy.

Losing weight by means of HCG Platinum diet will allow an individual to attain the perfect body shape in addition to an enormous boost of self-confidence. When a woman is able to lose the unwanted body fat effectively and start to look attractive once more, she will definitely experience a steady rise in her confidence level. And where to buy HCG Platinum? You can order a 14-day FREE Trial from the product’s official website in order to see if the product meets your needs! Now, if you want to achieve the maximum weight loss effect you should consider combining HCG Platinum with a hiqh quality colon cleanser like Purify Naturally! Both products are available in free trials so you have nothing to lose to give them a go!