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Curious About Lash Extensions? Here’s What You Should Know

Celebrities and influencers have become addicted to eyelash extensions. Few resist this aesthetic treatment that allows you to show off a radiant look, even fresh out of bed, and without makeup. And the boom has now reached the high street, where the number of beauty salons offering eyelash extensions has multiplied. Has the bug not bitten you yet? In case you are on the fence, here we will tell you everything you need to know about lash extensions.

Eyelash extensions are one of the most in-demand aesthetic treatments today. And not only among the famous – for sure one of your friends has already tried them, and you are considering it. Getting up with a radiant eyes wide open look is the dream of many women, and with the help of eyelash extensions, it is possible! The perfect selfies taken without makeup that celebrities and influencers share on their feeds, hide some secrets, such as fillers and eyelash extensions.

The list of celebrities who wear them is getting longer: Queen Letizia, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Laura Escanes, Jennifer López, and Madonna, to name but a few. Of course, each one has her style. While Mrs. Letizia is committed to a more natural style, Kim Kardashian uses very obvious extensions, with a false eyelash effect.

One of the first things you have to know is that eyelash extensions are a complex universe. There is no single treatment. You can choose the number of lashes, their thickness, and also the curvature. According to these three variants, you will get a natural or more sophisticated look, a cat-eye effect, eyeliner, etc. Mabel Joga and Ana Santiago, founders of 3D Eyes, explain that it “is a personalized treatment. In addition to an allergy test, we analyze the patient’s natural eyelashes, their curvature, their length and thickness, and also the shape of the eye, and so we recommend the most appropriate eyelash extensions to enhance their look.”


The first point that we advise you to evaluate is to look for a salon that gives you confidence because putting yourself in the hands of a competent professional is essential to be satisfied with the treatment. It would help if you felt confident the eyelash extensions would not damage your natural eyelashes. This is usually one of the most common doubts: what will happen to my eyelashes? Alba Lahesa, founder of Lashes & Go, replies, “Whenever the correct extensions are used, there will be no problems. Overloading is a crucial issue to control in our work. The main thing is that the technician listens to the client to get the result they are looking for, while also advising on the risks of overdoing it”.


Allow the salon experts to advise who will help you choose the best extensions according to your eyelashes and the shape of your eyes.

3D eyes

Going to a reputable salon ensures the material from which the eyelashes are made, as well as the glue used to adhere them, have passed the controls established by the legislation of the European Union. The most common extensions are silk, polyester or mink hair.

The technique, practitioners assure us, is painless for the patient. Depending on the number of eyelashes placed, the treatment can last from 40 minutes to an hour and a half, because it requires a lot of precision to apply the lashes correctly.

Janette Vince, owner of the popular London salon www.designerlashes.co.uk, tells us that “eyelash extensions are not for everyone, we cannot apply them to eyes that have infections or allergies.” There is no problem if you wear contact lenses (although you will have to take them off during the treatment), or if you wear glasses. Still, Barbara Torres advises saying so before the treatment, so the beautician can best decide the final curvature of the extensions.


The extensions are placed with the help of tweezers and medical glue on your natural eyelashes so that they appear longer, thicker and curved

Eyelash extensions usually last between 3 and 4 weeks. If you liked and want to continue wearing that sexy look, you will have to go for maintenance every month to replenish those that have fallen out. If you don’t want to repeat the treatment, just let them fall off and get the mascara back out!

Eyelash extensions do not require special care, except during the first few days. Eduardo Laguna, owner and expert in Sundara Eyebrow Design, advises, “Do not to wet them until 48 hours have passed, and don’t use vapors, saunas or oils”. It is also important that you know that you should not use mascara and eye makeup remover, especially if it contains oils because that could weaken the glue. Water-based makeup removers are fine to use.

Regarding repeating the treatment, in principle, there is no problem, but it depends, above all, on your natural eyelashes. Alba Lahesa says that “thicker eyelashes have greater resistance. Thinner and weaker eyelashes should rest. We recommend that the client be guided by the technician on the best course of action to maintain the health of the eyelashes.”