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Exercises for Hip Pain

Sometimes when we are in pain, we make the mistake of thinking that performing any sort of exercise will make the pain worse. In many cases, this is not true, and gentle exercise can greatly relieve common aches such as backache, pain in the shoulders and neck, and also hip pain. If you suffer from acute hip pain and you do not know the reason, of course, you should see a doctor or physio immediately, but if your pain is mild and you are aware of what causes it, doing the following exercises for hip pain are likely to be very beneficial.

Hip Rotation Stretching Exercise

The hip rotation stretching exercise is very similar to how children use a hula-hoop. If you used one of these toys as a youngster, you will know the basic movements and hip rotation stretching exercises have many benefits as the flexibility of your hips will also determine the health of other joints such as the knees, ankles, and lower back. 

Rotation exercises not only make the hips more flexible, but they also help to strengthen the legs, buttocks, pelvis, and stomach muscles.

Hip Rotation Exercise instructions

Rita Gander from Familyfisio.com offered us this very effective exercise. Place a soft fabric on the floor. You can use a thick towel, a folded blanket, or an exercise mat if you have one. Kneel on it with your knees around 40 cm apart. Put your hands on your hips and sink your torso around 12 cm towards the floor without arching your lower back; your back should be kept relaxed at all times during this exercise.

Move your hips in a circular motion as far to the right as you can. Bear in mind that you should only be moving your hips and not your entire body. Then tilt your pelvis area up and slowly rotate your hips by moving your buttocks out and backward; and then over to the left as far as possible, all the while keeping your back straight without arching it. Complete the circle to the right, so you have made a full hip rotation.

Pause for a few moments, then do the same rotation from the left in a backward direction on the right. Each time you do a rotation, you should also do an opposite rotation, so if you rotate clockwise, be sure to another full rotation in an anticlockwise direction.

Once you become adept at doing hip rotation stretching exercises, you could invest in a hula hoop, and try to relearn the skills you had when you were a youngster. Depending on your age, it may take quite some time for you to learn how to hula hoop properly without the hoop continuously falling to the floor, and if you’re very elderly or infirm you may not manage this. However, there is no reason that people with a regular level of fitness will not be able to maintain the hoop on the hips for several minutes at a time once they have practiced enough. Hoola hooping has many benefits, as well as keeping your hips very flexible, it will help tone your stomach muscles and maintain a strong core.