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Eyebrow Tattoo: Micropigmentation vs. Microblading, Which Technique is Better?

If you are tired of seeing your sparse or shapeless eyebrows, you can count on one of these two brow tattoo techniques, microblading or micro pigmentation, to give your face a new attractive look, and symmetry like no other.

The importance of the eyebrows on a woman’s face is infinite, as a good design can greatly change your expression and beauty.

For those who barely have any hairs in the brow area, either because they have suffered disease, or because they do not grow strongly, to those who have scars that need covering, we now have new semi-permanent makeup techniques that exceed all expectations.

Modern Methods

The modern alternative to the classic pencil drawing to change the shape and design of the eyebrows is the tattoo, but do not panic, there are many possibilities that will surely satisfy your needs in this area. Although brow tattooing is known as “permanent eyebrow makeup” it is not forever, like a normal tattoo, in fact the design will lose colour and will need renewing.

So where can you go to get perfect eyebrows? This work is not done in tattoo studios, you must go to specialized quality aesthetic salons like this London based eyebrow tattoo clinic that offer you a guarantee, and above all, well-sterilised areas.

Micropigmentation vs. microblading

Micropigmentation: Among the most advanced eyebrow makeup we find this beauty technique by which you can achieve perfect and natural eyebrows without having to wear the same shape for the rest of your life. It is a temporary tattoo that can last from 1 to 4 years, which varies depending on your type of skin. In this case, the pigments are introduced between the dermis and the epidermis, for a semi-permanent effect.

In addition, it offers you two possibilities, restoring eyebrow hair by hair or applying shading, which can be very useful for those women who do have hair but want to give it a little more density.

Microblading: This technique is very similar to micro pigmentation, but unlike micro pigmentation,, this semi-permanent makeup is done hair by hair, but in a more precise way. In addition, the pigment is injected, by means of a special pencil, not by electrical appliances, into the most superficial layers of the skin. Hence this treatment lasts less time, between a year or two, although, like everything else, at first you will see the colors darker and little by little you will see it fading.

The needles used are three times thinner than those of micro pigmentation, so the results are much more realistic. This type of work has a faster healing than a normal tattoo and also gives a much more natural appearance, such as a 3D eyebrow, that is why if we must choose, we advise you opt for microblading.

There are numerous celebrities now using semi-permanent makeup, including Bella Thorne who has had no qualms about telling, on her social network accounts, how delighted she is with this technique. Another celebrity who has been seduced by these works is the top model Naomi Campbell. And you, do you dare to give your eyebrows a new powerful image?