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What Is RTT by Marisa Peer?


RTT is a type of hypnosis developed by Marissa Peer, made for modern life. It is a deep and powerful therapy but at the same time fast and practical.

During a session with a Marisa Peer trained RTT therapist, of approximately two hours, you will heal and create an internal transformation and you will take away a personalized audio to listen for 21 days to create the new neural patterns and establish the change. Depending on the person and the issue, one session with a therapist is usually enough, though certain topics require more than a single session.

Some of the most common issues are: self-esteem, economic blockages, weight problems, phobias, anxiety, depression, health problems, problems finding a partner, improving physical performance, among others.

The mind has certain universal rules that if you understand them you can use them in your favour.

1. The mind is made to make you survive, therefore the mind moves you away from what it associates with pain and brings you closer to what it associates with pleasure.

 2. You respond to the images you make in your mind and the words you say.

 3. The mind likes what is familiar and does not like what is unfamiliar.

 Through this RTT hypnotherapy technique you will find the root of what is holding you back: associations and beliefs, to free and heal them, and generate new associations, beliefs and internal spaces that act in your favor.